Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Walker Can't Stand The Heat

For now, drops half-million dollar Mansion kitchen remodeling from state building commission agenda. I say, for now, because the administration leaves the door open for taxpayer billing:

The funding request was removed from Wednesday's agenda for the State Building Commission, although Department of Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch says it will return if enough donations cannot be raised
Among my remarks in posts about this selfish proposal were these lines earlier this morning:
Assembly boss Robin Vos, (R-Rochester) abandons fatter per diem payments to state reps. The idea was ill-timed, conceived and illegitimate.

Next up for abandonment: that $487,000 new kitchen remodeling for the Governor's Mansion.
The GOP saw these as losing, self-generated problems, and cut their losses. They won't back down on bigger matters, like voter suppression and anti-labor scheming.

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