Sunday, December 2, 2012

"Mostly False," Snares Are Scott Walker Metaphors

PolitiFact has handed out yet another rating containing the word "false" to Scott Walker after reviewing a Walker speech, radio interview and public statement

Walker says he unveiled legislative agenda in Wisconsin, not California

Mostly False
This blog has closely followed Walker's PolitiFact performance - - one sample among many - - and notes, again, the preponderance of his ratings he's won that fall into categories with the words "false," or, worse, "pants on fire" - - as in, 'Liar, liar, pants on fire,' etc.

In fact, Walker can muster only 11 of 58 statements vetted by PolitiFact, or 19%, as "true" or "mostly true," though a batting average of .190 on truthiness looks better than his anemic .100 on job creation.

Anyway - - the facts, by the independent fact-checking service, on his facts:

Walker's statements by ruling

Click on the ruling to see all of Walker's statements for that ruling.
I'd be remiss if I didn't add two huge ruses - - my term - - that Walker has employed to highlight his disconcerting and disqualifying default to dishonesty:

*  More recently, his nakedly partisan proposal to end election-day voter registration purportedly to relieve phantom burdens on older election-day workers. Fake humanitarianism. Won't fly.

* And, of course, there was the ruse of the "modest proposal" - - his words - - to describe his infamous Act 10 dropped bomb he'd withheld during the 2012 gubernatorial campaign. It served to make Walker a national rightwing hero, and all but erased public sector union rights and created ongoing political warfare in Wisconsin as well as distrust of anything of or about Walker, and his allies.

To close the circle on all this, Walker said he had previously disclosed his anti-union intentions  - - just as he claimed to have previously disclosed his big picture plans in Wisconsin before unveiling them in California.

PolitiFact called Walker out on the California dodge with "mostly false," and also rang him up as "false" on the Act 10 disclosure claim.

See the pattern? Truth-telling is not this Eagle Scout's strong suit.

My rating on both:

Four snares:

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