Monday, June 11, 2012

Walker's Anti-Milwaukee Slam Disproven By The City's Popularity

[originally posted at 9:27 Sunday, June 10, 2012]  You couldn't help notice all the people out and about this past weekend in Milwaukee - - baited by Scott Walker from a suburban perch as the city the state should dread.

People do not want to see Wisconsin "become another Milwaukee," Walker said.
Bradford Beach and the north end of the Lakefront was mobbed by people of all races and ages, while PrideFest kicked off the Festival season at the south end.

While just a few miles to the west, more than 119,000 fans attended the Friday-Sunday three-game series against the San Diego Padres, a weak, a non-division opponent.

The city has a lot to offer. People who live here get the most out of Milwaukee, like to show it off and welcome the visitors - - as do the businesses and their workers who cater to them in the state's commercial and financial center.

It was an odd way to treat all those job-creators, don't you think?

Walker and his people can say that you do what you have to do to win an election, but using Willie Horton-style TV ads and speaking stereotypically about the biggest city in the state to appeal to voters elsewhere isn't going to be forgotten soon.

And will take more than an offering of a beer and a brat at a picnic of elected officials at the Governor's Mansion to be forgiven.



Let Waukesha , Walker and his Milwaukee haters enjoy their poisoned water.

Anonymous said...

Shit flows downstream. That's why Milwaukee can't ignore Waukesha.

Anony Too said...


Like water, shit indeed flows downstream.

However, you lack basic geography knowledge that would tell you that Milwaukee's 'downstream' is Lake Michigan, while Waukesha's 'downstream' is the Fox R., the Illinois R,. the Mississippi R, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Thanks for proving the scientific theorem that there is no shortage of idiots in the world.

Anonymous said...

Last I checked, Waukesha is trying to secure permission for its water to come from the lake and for its wastewater to return whence it came, which would make this a literal observation.

But as a figure of speech, my words do accurately describe the malice and ill will which a certain *ahem* demographic in Waukesha bears towards Milwaukee, and its ability to give that ill will concrete form.

Anonymous said...

You would seem to have misunderstood Walker, but maybe you are being obtuse on purpose. He said that he was trying to improve things so Milwaukee could get better instead of leading all of us down the path to being like Greece (which was the path Doyle had us on and Obama still has the nation on.)

James Rowen said...

Taken together with his ads containing images of police flashing lights and a dead baby, his comment was highly-charged anti-City code, in my opinion.