Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gas Prices Are Falling; Where's The GOP Praise For Obama?

It was just a few weeks ago that Mitt Romney and the Righty Choir were assailing Barack Obama for being responsible for escalating gas prices.

The Republican presidential candidate, speaking in an interview with Fox News, said he "absolutely" believes Mr. Obama is responsible for high gas prices, contending that "he has not pursued policies that convince the world that America is going to become energy secure, energy independent."
Well, I could swear I saw the President driving away from a gas station in his Batmobile on W. National Ave. yesterday afternoon where he'd finished lowering the price for unleaded regular to $3.23-a-gallon.

That's down half-a-buck from where The-Station-Manager-In-Chief had pushed it during the spring of an election year, just for some counter-intuitive political sport with his Kenyan super powers on full display.

I keep looking for the follow-up stories quoting Romney praising Obama for bringing the prices down.

Anyone seen it?


BUT BUT BUT .... said...

Oh I'm sure they'll spin it like- "BUT BUT BUT those prices must be down because Obama made the economy slow down. BUT BUT you say that the economy might accelerate now that everyone is paying less for fuel now? BUT BUT BUT - maybe we'll just find Holder in contept- that will do it.

Betsey said...

Clever! And not too bad for a Kenyan Muslim who wasn't born here! Is it possible Obama could change the prices just using his x-ray vision? Or am I channeling the wrong super hero? Super Obama has a nice ring to it . . . . but then Bane-Man (or should we call him the Mormonator?) would make an excellent super villian, firing people left and right, tying dogs to the top of his vehicle, and boring to death everyone else.

Regardless, I am going to fill up quick before the price setting departments at Exxon or Shell or BP read this post and send gas prices soaring again.

Betsey said...

After the SCOTUS decision on the Affordable Healthcare Act, it looks as if there maybe something to the Obama super hero thing after all.