Friday, June 22, 2012

Eric "The Entertainer" Hovde Has An Encore

Fresh off his pre-teen screed about poor people, Republican Senate candidate and Goofmesiter Eric Hovde offers up more fringy standup by calling Democratic Congresswoman and Senate opponent Tammy Baldwin a communist. And more:

Her philosophy has its roots in Marxism, communism, socialism, extreme liberalism — she calls it progressivism — versus mine, which is rooted in free-market conservatism."
Here's how Hovde will get out from under that word salad.

First he will claim he was taken out of context because,  like, you know, it's hard work to get six "isms" in one sentence without turning your words into word salad...whatever.

Then he will say he got confused because he meant to take a shot at Tommy for having said Jeff Fitzgerald was a preferable Senate GOP alternative.

Finally, he'll say he was talking about Alec Baldwin. Those progressive Baldwins with their Balwinism- - seen one, seen 'em all

One thing for sure: it's gonna be another sob story.


John Casper said...

If Eric's in favor of "free markets," that means he's against unregulated oligopolies and monopolies.

jimspice said...

Gee, she's such an adherent to isms! You know what kinds of car Baldwin drives? (Say it with me.) A Geoprism.


Did he really say Alec?

He also made things significantly worse by saying he has done more charitable work than 99% of US citizens. Really Eric? Listen to the Sly segment with John Nichols.

jimspice said...

I tried to leave this comment over at JSOnline, but it wouldn't "stick" for some reason (or else it's going to show up like 5 times in a 1/2 an hour or so). Shame to let it go to waste:

Ughh. Long response didn't stick. 2nd try:

It never ceases to amaze me when American conservatives view anyone even slightly to the left of them as raging ****ists (take your pick). America is a center-right nation. Think of the most liberal American you know of. That person pales in comparison to European liberals, and they, in turn, are unreasonable facsimiles of what a true "leftist" really WOULD be. The world has never SEEN Communism. The examples you would cite are bastardized usurpations of the philosophy. And the European Socialism that has created a citizenship with the highest standard of living in the world is but a toe in the water; it would be barely recognized by Marx himself.

Anonymous said...

at long last, he has no decency.

Eri said...

@SPICEMAN- and what is wrong with Baldwin driving a Geoprism? No doubt ERIC is driven - by his handler.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? A Geoprism? Is it baby powder blue?

Although a Geoprism is kinda like a Yugo, cheap, only a few on the road, there is a yellow Yugo that drives back and forth on hwy 8 near the hilltop, north of Ingram, so why not, she's a Red!

Way to go, Eric.

HI - MY NAME IS ERIC-.I've been in NY for 20 years. said...

@annon- she's a RED? Please expound.

My name is Eric- I just came to Wisconsin to run for the senate.. said...

RED- got it.

Wisconsin Senate candidate Eric Hovde (R) thinks Rep. Tammy Baldwin's (D-Wis.) philosophy stems from communism."I fundamentally disagree with Tammy on almost everything. She has a more liberal voting record than almost anybody in Congress," he told The Hill in a recent interview. "Her philosophy has its roots in Marxism, communism, socialism, extreme liberalism — she calls it progressivism — versus mine, which is rooted in free-market conservatism."

Temporary Resident -Eric HOVDE said...

He said that despite living the last 25 years in Washington, D.C., he'd always kept one foot in Wisconsin — he never gave up his Wisconsin Badgers football season tickets and kept working on his family business back in the state — and that if not for his step-daughter, would have moved back long ago.

"Her father’s in D.C. and would never stand for us moving," he said.

Hovde said he was less than excited about being a senator — "I know a few senators and I don't think their lifestyle is very good" — but that he felt compelled to run because after talking to a number of them ahead of and during the 2008 economic meltdown "I was amazed at their lack of economic competency."

Less than excited? You are so done. Just to away ! GO BACK TO DC- MY GOD!

Anonymous said...

Green, the new red..? Your source is Google, word search:red communism.

McCarthy must be so proud of our Wisconsin leaders. Carry the message forward, onward, be true to the party, and the party will be true to you...divide. Conquer.

Question: What church did Joe McCarthy attend, and where did Scott walkers father preach? Just curious and know mcC died in 57.

jimspice said...

Um, guys? The Geoprism thing? It ends in "ism." That was the joke. Admittedly, not a GREAT joke. But a joke. Man, and to think that "word play" is supposed to be the LEAST complex in the joke spectrum.