Thursday, June 21, 2012

Getting Waukesha Water Events Distributed Through Purple Wisconsin Blog

Here's a bit of a summary. Thanks for sticking with it.

How contradictory and hypocritical is it for the small government conservatives running state government to morph into Big Government to trash home rule and local control in Milwaukee on behalf of red County Waukesha?

Both the Public Service Commission, and the Department of Natural Resources - -  the latter agency now managed with a Waukesha-development ally in the resource agency's powerful Deputy Secretary slot - - are beginning to dictate to Milwaukee water negotiation parameters and sale terms on behalf of the City of Waukesha even though Milwaukee had openly disclosed and published its water negotiation and sale policies since 2008.

Waukesha is doing its part to promote a "must-have," self-serving narrative for obtaining a diversion for itself and four neighboring communities by saying the water territory map in its water application can't be changed, and Milwaukee must comply - - with the state agencies beginning to add their weight to that argument

Except that Waukesha has said the map can be changed.

As Mayor Barrett explained things...:

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