Monday, June 18, 2012

Score Belling's Rant About Milwaukee Water Deal 7 Out Of 10

WISN-AM righty talker Mark Belling was in high dudgeon this afternoon - - but not full-blown hysteria - - over Waukesha's effort to obtain a Lake Michigan diversion from the City of Milwaukee.

Belling was contemptuous of Milwaukee's requirements that would guarantee Waukesha's participation in regional cooperation - - what Belling said were socio-economic issues, and he was critical of Waukesha pursuing Milwaukee as the supplier.

Monday 10:35 p.m. update: Begin at about 11:20 in the second segment of hour one.

I can't give you more than these highlights, as I was driving and taking notes, but these words and phrases were involved:

"Socialism...rape...blackmailing" aimed at Milwaukee, with "give up your right to self-government...," plus something about "bend over" and "an all-time bleeping" lobbed over at Waukesha.

He said Waukesha will become "Leftyville Light" if it ties itself to a water deal with Milwaukee, (right there I graded Belling down on the 10-point rant scale: "Leftyville Light?" Wordy, and light itself), and praised Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima, whom I could swear Belling has ripped in the past, for pushing alternatives to the Milwaukee option.

I didn't hear the full segment.

There is supposed to be a Milwaukee Common Council committee meeting about this issue Wednesday, though it is unclear if Waukesha has met the chairman's demand for more documentation by the end of today.


Say What? said...

Congrats James- you pushed his sensitive buttons. LOL

Keep pounding away- He'll slip and say something racist.

WATER WARS said...

KODUS to the JS for starting their PW.

It's obviously got his attention and all those in WALKERSHA.

WATER WARS said...

Let's hope someone recorded it. Would he dare podcast this?

Anonymous said...

Not one drop of water for Waukesha.

Anonymous said...

Belling podcasts every show and I'm going to need to hear this one!
Thanks, James

Anonymous said...

leftyville light - tastes great, less filling

WATER WARS said...

Looks like he deleted that part of his program. Could not find it.

James Rowen said...

To Water Wars: I was in my car about 3:45-4 p.m-ish., so check that segment.

James Rowen said...

Start at the 11 minute mark roughly:

PT said...

He describes Milwaukee as only having slums and the expensive condos. He saves his own expensive condo in Milwaukee. Standing up for Milwaukee???? Start at 11:21.