Thursday, June 28, 2012

In The Health-Care Ruling, Women Tipped The Majority

All three women Justices were among the five affirmative votes.

Little wonder: health-care rates in the US discriminate against women, and more women than men are raising low-income children and managing kids' health in single-parent families.


Anonymous said...

Here's my take: I believe that most men believe that competition is healthy (sports, jobs, warfare, etc.).

Most American women, on the other hand, understand that cooperation, peace, and collaboration are the healthiest elements of our society.

I am very definitely a male who loves female company. I also believe that the women are a whole lot better to judge on these issues than the patriarchal men.


Dem Men R Sexy said...

With opinions such as these, I'm sure you have an abundance of quality female company to enjoy. It makes me warm just thinking about it.