Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Spinning Hard, Waukesha Misunderstands Milwaukee Water Politics

The City of Waukesha's demand today that its negotiations beginning tomorrow to buy water from Milwaukee also include a related water sale to four Waukesha-area municipalities - - communities that would not give Milwaukee information it had requested via a Council resolution well-publicized since 2008 - - is just another arrogant, self-defeating tactic.

The City of Waukesha included the four smaller municipalities in the diverted water application without their consent two years ago, and if Waukesha includes them in the application and water distribution plan, it is up to Waukesha to get Milwaukee the information about those communities it has said publicly it needs.

File this under #WaukeshaFail.


NBNancy said...

Waukesha doesn't decide the water service area. The state regional planning commission (SEWRPC) does. So to say that "Waukesha included (these communities) without their consent) is inaccurate.

Anonymous said...

Waukesha never asked the other communities for their input in the application until they were forced.

The City of Waukesha didn't even want representatives from the Town of Waukesha to speak at city meetings to voice concerns. Waukesha didn't want ANY input from the town, Genesee or Pewaukee. Waukesha had a chance to work with them, but instead they tried to tell them.

So yes, Waukesha DID include these communities without their consent.

Missing Sather Gate said...

NB Nancy. Your statement is inaccurate. SEWRPC established the City Of Waukesha Urban Service Area at the request and under the direction of the City of Waukesha. SEWRPC never initiates anything on their own.