Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Walker Is Back On The Attack; His Promoters Never Stopped

Scott Walker, after serving talking points Tuesday at the Mansion with brats and beers, goes back to the Old Walker in front of the US Chamber of Commerce and calls public employee benefits "a virus."

While one of the Milwaukee-area righty talkers on BratFest Tuesday said teachers unions had more power than the mob.

Looks like the gloves are back on.



Wonder what brought this on?

Obviously the Tonnett party suggestion didn't ease his cold sociopathic ego.

So I guess he'll just have to do away with his own health insurance and the health insurance of his son's teachers.

The truth is- he's the virus that has infected Wisconsin with his divide and conquer strategy. Shame on him for putting on a smiley face and his wifes party and then attacking workers the next day.

Anonymous said...

walker's new nickname -"cyrus."