Tuesday, June 26, 2012

John Doe Update: It's Broader Than We Knew

Hat tip to the Cognitive Dissidence blog for reading and analyzing newly-available files.

Further updates:

From WisPolitics:

...lawyer Michael Maistelman tipped off WTMJ-AM radio talk show host Charlie Sykes that Wink and another aide, Kelly Rindfleisch, were likely about to be charged. Maistelman, an ethics specialist, has long represented Russell outside the criminal proceedings. Krueger joined Maistelman’s firm to take over as lead criminal defense attorney after two others stepped aside.

“Russell’s complaint is also remarkable by virtue of the fact that he need not look far to learn why the investigation may be ‘not-so-secret’,” Landgraf writes.

Landgraf also filed a response to a defense motion to suppress John Doe evidence.

A hearing on the motions is slated for July 11. The trial, expected to last two days, is scheduled to begin Sept. 9.

See the filings here and here.

- By Marie Rohde
For WisPolitics.com
More from the Journal Sentinel:
Responding to claims they had leaked information on the John Doe investigation involving some of Gov. Scott Walker's aides, Milwaukee County prosecutors say two of the leaks came from attorneys for one of the defendants.

Michael Maistelman, a lawyer for defendant Timothy Russell, sent an email to radio talk show host Charlie Sykes on Jan. 22, tipping off Sykes to the likelihood that two other former Walker aides would be charged that week. Those aides, Darlene Wink and Kelly Rindfleisch, were charged four days later on Jan. 26.

Russell held jobs as Walker's deputy chief of staff and housing director while Walker was Milwaukee County executive. Wink was Walker's constituent services aide and Rindfleisch was a policy adviser and later a deputy chief of staff.

Sykes and other backers of the Republican governor have accused prosecutors of illegally leaking information on the Doe investigation, which was launched more than two years ago.
Sykes' ended his show this morning complaining about "selective" email disclosures by the DA's office.


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