Monday, June 18, 2012

Delay And Conquer

Having used "divide and conquer" in the successful recall election to guarantee the rest of his term, Scott Walker is using delay and conquer to evade a US Environmental Protection Agency timetable to fix 75 deficiencies in Wisconsin clean water policy and enforcement.

Walker's DNR has told the EPA that it cannot fully comply with a 24-month remedial clean water timetable by informing the federal agency that rule-making in Wisconsin takes 31 months - - and attached that claim in a letter on the same upcoming Natural Resources Board meeting agenda where the Department seeks speedy "emergency" rule-making and other fast-tracked actions for special interests in other program areas.

Walker's goal through this DNR 'we're too busy' charade is to stall the EPA while working to defeat President Obama.

That would bring in an administration dedicated shrinking or even ending what Mitt Romney has called "the Obama EPA," and "out of control" on clean water enforcement.

Delay, conquer and pollute.


Pat said...

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Pat said...

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