Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Complaint Filed Against Illinois Election Observer - - In Racine Recall Episode

Is this case part of the GOP's fraud narrative surrounding the Racine election and recount?

A complaint has been filed against the county clerk in Lake County, IL, for allegedly intimidating a Racine woman who wore a "Recall Walker" button to the polls on election day.

Nicala Aiello filed a complaint against Lake County Clerk Willard Helander with the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board stemming from her activity during the June 5 recall election, according to the Chicago Tribune and in Deerfield (IL) Patch.


Paul Berge said...

I was wearing a Tom Barrett button on my jacket when I went to vote in 2010, and a poll watcher objected loudly to it. He obviously felt I was "electioneering" in a polling place, but the poll workers here in Sturtevant told him that there was no law prohibiting people from wearing campaign buttons and t-shirts.

Apparently, some states (e.g., Virginia, New York) do have laws against what is called "passive electioneering." Clearly, if the Teapublican Party is going to bus in poll watchers from out of state, these people need to be educated about Wisconsin state law before they make asses of themselves.

Anonymous said...

Actually, there is a law now that prohibits voters from wearing shirts and buttons. I think it was passed as part of the voter ID bill and is still law.