Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Following The Voter ID Murky Legal Money

Now this story about free lawyers for Wisconsin legislators seeking to get into a legal case to validate the Voter ID law now currently blocked by injunctions is really getting interesting.

Robin Vos' explanation that he didn't want to know who was paying to get him intervention in a lawsuit over Voter ID?

Are you kidding me? This is the chair of the Joint Finance Committee and likely Assembly leader next year.


I know know nothing! said...

Why wouldn't you want to know Mr. Popcorn? It appears your kernels are starting to sizzle.

Did you really say to Olson? - " Don't tell me Olson. I don't want to know."

Open records request anyone?

Anonymous said...

Can you explain what it means to intervene in the lawsuit? It is not clear to me what they are talking about or why Rep. Vos didn't know who was paying. (I don't know much about the legal system)

MR. POPCORN said...

I guess Mr. POPCORN believes anonymous funding is ethical.