Friday, June 29, 2012

I Wonder If Chief Justice Roberts Sees The Irony?

Roberts saved the Affordable Health Care Act, but had opened the floodgates with the Citizens United decision so billionaires could organize and unseat Obama - - and undo the Act

Here's a report about a fresh $10 million donation from Newt Gingrich's angel for the Koch brothers anti-Obama effort


Moving forward said...

Given that he screwed up Obama's oath of office I wouldn't put it past him to uphold the law with a "tax" approval with Obama's defeat in mind. Then again-maybe he's a valid SCJ.

Dems need to be sell it now!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Roberts did this on purpose. Time will tell. Evidently Obama raised quite a bit of money too after the decision.

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt that Roberts was not going to leave the removal of President Obama from office to chance. His opinion was insightful and descriptive to the funding mechanism for the largest program cost underestimation in modern history.

Americans will not accept the continued fiscal miscalculations another 4 years. Scott Walker proved that.

This will not be a good year for the Democatic Party.

Anonymous said...

John Roberts has ingeniously sabotaged Obama by upholding the mandatory purchasing of private insurance for massive corporate profit act, by exposing it as a major tax on the middle class and then stating:“It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices,”

RD said...

Roberts upheld the ACA because he believed it was constitutional.

Those of you that think he is trying to sabotage Obama's re-election really need to take off your tinfoil hats. To paraphrase Roberts, I call balls and strikes, I don't bat or pitch.

Could his decision have the effect of helping to energize the opposition? I can only hope.

mikeutzinger said...

Had Roberts struck down the individual mandate as a tax (siding with four conservative justices), wouldn’t he be suggesting that Medicare and Social Security are unconstitutional? Frankly, I applaud the decision. Now many are screaming that the ACA needs to be repealed because it is the largest “tax” in our history. Romney says he will work to repeal the individual mandate while keeping access too affordable health care and access to insurance even with pre-existing conditions. He needs to be honest and say what will happen to insurance costs if insurance companies cannot deny coverage for pre-existing conditions and there is not a large pool of health citizens purchasing insurance (no individual mandate). The whole point of the individual mandate is to insure that all residents of the US are in the insurance pool and costs for insurance are affordable. Every country using an insurance mandate as an approach to health care requires citizens and residents to purchase health insurance, so does Massachusetts. Hopefully, the SCOTUS decision actually leads to debate on health care policy. As I recall, the primary reason for families to file for bankruptcy prior to 2008 was health care costs. Here are the top 10 countries in per capita health costs for 2007 along with national health care policy. The US ranks 34th in the world in Infant mortality and 38th in life expectancy. A significant fraction of the population has no health insurance and raises the cost of all health care when they go to the emergency room.

United States $6,096 Free Market plus Medicare/Medicaid
Luxembourg $5,178 Insurance Mandate
Norway $4,080 Single Payer
Switzerland $4,011 Insurance Mandate
Austria $3,418 Insurance Mandate
Iceland $3,294 Single Payer
Canada $3,173 Single Payer
Germany $3,171 Insurance Mandate
Belgium $3,133 Insurance Mandate
Australia $3,123 Two Tier

Jake formerly of the LP said...

It's almost the intelligence of Roberts' design to try to stir up GOP trailer trash with this decision, and the ability to allow reckless governors like Walker to still get Obamacare Medicaid funds without having to follow Obamacare rules.

However, it also seems to be a major backfire if that's Roberts' goal, because the GOP has NO PLAN AT ALL when it comes to health care. No one with a brain and a heart wants to go back to a time when insurance companies could turn down people for pre-existing conditions and have insurance companies run up as much overhead as they want without having to pay for treatment.

We that are on the side of human dignity and respect push harder after this decision. We do not let up and celebrate, but instead push ahead with the TRUTH that Obamacare has made millions of people and businesses better off, and millions more will benefit in the future.