Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hovde's Got The Code

If you're Eric Hovde and you're running to the far-right in a four-man Senate field and the political territory there has already been plowed by New Gingrich's attack on President Obama as the "food stamp President," then why not go straight after poor people yourself?

Scott Walker played a version of the card when he spoke in relatively wealthy western Waukesha County - - and since Hovde made his remarks in Brookfield, Waukesha County, let's ask: why do these Republicans feel so comfortable making these remarks in Waukesha County? - - and said that Wisconsin should not become "another Milwaukee."

Walker's TV ads conjured up for out-state viewers a crime-ridden city where children were murdered.

His campaign seems to be mentoring Hovde's. On a class basis, divide and conquer.

Poor people are fodder! Vote Republican.

This post expanded at the Purple Wisconsin site.


CJ said...

What does he really know about Milwaukee, other than what he's told by his handlers and the money machine.

I mean, this guy just drops in from the land he now professes to stand against. Rally against DC and Wall Street. Really? And the kittens just lap it up.

Some sharp journalist or blogger should ask him specifically about Milwaukee in all it's breadth and scope and see what this shiny penny really knows, other than talking points.

Secret Agent Man said...

A subtle divide and conquer. Attack the really poor to appeal to those who are rich, middle class and those just above the poverty level who have minimum wage jobs. If only those living paycheck to paycheck and voted against their best interests would wake up. The question is- how do you counter this? What will be our code?


@CJ- well if he follows the secret code method- Milwaukee will be attacked and demonized.

It's like a ROJO all over again.