Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nothing For Climate Change Deniers To Read Here; For The Rest Of You...

[Update 11:05 a.m. "Epic" fire at the edge of Colorado Springs, south of Denver.]
The good news is that it won't be as bad in the Rockies as it was during Paleolithc times, when there were fewer breweries, swimming pools and magacities demanding water and air-conditioning.

Regardless, consider that much of Colorado is in a long drought combined with a stretch of record-breaking heat, and with huge fires, presaged by this 2010 report:

An unprecedented combination of heat plus decades of drought could be in store for the Southwest sometime this century, suggests new research from a University of Arizona-led team.

To come to this conclusion, the team reviewed previous studies that document the region's past temperatures and droughts.

"Major 20th century droughts pale in comparison to droughts documented in paleoclimatic records over the past two millennia," the researchers wrote.

During the Medieval period, elevated temperatures coincided with lengthy and widespread droughts...

"We're not saying future droughts will be worse than what we see in the paleo record, but we are saying they could be as bad," said lead author Connie A. Woodhouse, a UA associate professor of geography and regional development. "However, the effects of such a worst-case drought, were it to recur in the future, would be greatly intensified by even warmer temperatures."
How bad is it in Denver, and eastward, in June?
The Mile High city soared to 105 Monday afternoon, its hottest June temperature on record and tied for its hottest all-time temperature. Today, it hit 100 for the 5th straight day, tying the record for most consecutive days at 100 or better. It has set or tied record highs on an amazing 7 occasions this month.

Not far away, in Colorado Springs Monday, the mercury reached at least 100 for a second straight day for only the second time on record (previous instance: June 23-24, 1954)
Heading east into western Kansas, several locations established June monthly heat records Sunday and Monday.

According to CapitalClimate, on Sunday monthly record highs were reached in the towns of Goodland (109, tie with June 18, 1936), Hill City (114, tie with June 30, 1933), Tribune (109, tie with June 23, 2012, also an all-time high), and Colby (111). On Monday, Colby broke its June record set the previous day, hitting 112...

The record-breaking heat even made it as far as Arkansas where Little Rock spiked to 105, tying its June high temperature record. (Source: CapitalClimate)...

All told, 107 record high temperatures were set Monday across the Lower 48. Of these, AccuWeather meteorologist Bill Deger said at least 6 locations in Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado established all-time heat records.

The heat is coming east
Steadily, the heat will bleed eastward in the coming days.


Al Gore was right!!! AGAIN!! said...

Yes!!! Al Gore was right again!!!
There were no forest fires or hot weather before the industro-criminals forced us to burn fossil fuels to feed their greed. It has spiraled out of control and we are all doomed. Doomed because we did not listen to Al Gore!! It’s too late now and we are past the tipping point that Al Gore warned us all about. More fires, more heat, more rain, more cold: because you didn’t listen to Al Gore!!
Flat earth, anti-science, anti Al Gore wing nuts will never see the unprecedented weather, never before seen on the face of the earth!! They say that it is natural cycles and talk about re-occurring glaciers and ice core records showing higher and lower temperatures in the past, and ice core records showing that warming preceded higher CO2 levels !! They are all lying!! Lying with their damn data showing 50 year trends of level and falling temperatures while CO2 steadily increased!! Liars!! Liars, lying!! Paid Liars!! Paid by evil corporations to Lie!! LIE!! LIE!! LIE!!
We are Doomed!
And it’s all because of fossil fuels!!
And you didn’t listen to Al Gore!!!
Fires in Colorado and Flooding in Duluth all predicted by AL Gore as the undeniable and absolute proof that fossil fuels are killing the planet!!
And I am really, really mad about it!!!

Anonymous said...

The fires in Colorado are the final proof that fossil fuels are responsible for a changing climate which is has never been seen in the history of the earth until now. All other explanations have now been thoroughly tested and eliminated as causes and the only remaining possible, rational explanation is our use of fossil fuels.

The science is indeed, definitively, and solidly,… settled.

Anonymous said...

And thanks to Mr. RD we can see the childishness that has caused Republicans to become loathed in engineering schools nowadays.

NO FEMA FOR YOU! said...

@DENIERS- hey stay away if you can't handle it. Good Lord. Something tells me that you're getting a little sensitive about this climate change thingy.

One of these days mother nature is going to bite you in one of those really sensitive spots and you all will say, " well where did that come from?"
Then Ron Johnson will say - NO FEMA FOR YOU! NO HANDOUTS FOR YOU!


Reagan's Disciple said...

Sorry Anon 1:19.

I can't take credit for those comments, and although sarcastic, they do ring true.


Boxer said...

More reasoning from the Voice of Reason, aka Reagan's Disciple, RD, Rayguns. Maybe his fingers made a typo and he meant to type Voice of Reagon, not Voice of Reason. The two words are quite close.