Sunday, June 17, 2012

Perks Rain Down On Waukesha Water Utility Manager

The Waukesha Water Utility Commission is pressing ahead with its quest for a Lake Michigan diversion, though one key Milwaukee Alderman is not satisfied with data and documentation Waukesha has provided in advance of a Milwaukee Common Council Committee meeting Wednesday.

The Waukesha Water Utility Commission also recently approved a package of bonuses and perks for Daniel Duchniak, its General Manager and key diversion planner and advocate - -  including the use of a vehicle similar to the Ford Edge pictured below... immediate bonus of $15,000, and up to $50,000 in additional "longevity" bonuses in two stages if Duchniak is on staff when important milestones are reached in getting a new water system approved and constructed.

Details are in the Commission's April 19, 2012 meeting minutes, at this Water Utility's Commission site.

Hat tip, Jim Bouman.


Max B said...

Thanks, Waukesha taxpayers and ratepayers! Even though I don't even live in Waukesha, I appreciate the ways you're showing me your love.
Our Utility employees, meanwhile, have been subject to the usual pension and benefit give-backs. I bet they appreciate it, too.

Dan Duchniak


The spigot of excessive monetary rewards for dysfunctional water diversion from Walkersha taxpayers appears to be fully functional.

JB said...

Putting the cart before the horse, it seems.

Anonymous said...

You ask for a rate increase approval by the Public Service Commission and this is where it goes?

Stunning and worthy of great scrutiny by the public and the Public Service Commission. If not for this rate increase request, certainly the next.

Anonymous said...

"JB said...
Putting the cart before the horse, it seems."

Do you think another less stressful employment opportunity came up and scared the commission?

I remember when the last Waukesha city administrator got a raise and told everyone how she loved Waukesha and had estabilished roots in Waukesha and was committed to the city (after applying for a position in Columbia, MO and not getting the job). Shortly thereafter she bolted for a job in Ill. She was expected to get the city through the budget cycle.

This guy has been asked to do the impossible. The stress of having all the curtain road blocks put in his path (which everyone told the utility would happen), has to be taking it's toll.

A deal structured like this seems to indicate "Plan B" is getting a more serious look.

Not one state has to say no to a Lake Michgan Diversion. They need only to sit on the application to kill it.

That's the most likely outcome in my opinion.

DOG WALKER said...

I just don't see any urgency in Walkersha.

Anonymous said...

I wonder when Don Behm will cover this?