Friday, June 29, 2012

For Red WI Senate Candidates, Red-Baiting, False Speaking

As a group, Republican Senate candidates in Wisconsin of late are struggling with the truth.

*  "False and ridiculous" is how PolitiFact rates Mark Neumann's "pants on fire" allegation that Barack Obama and his team are socialists. Neumann's overall PolitiFact record - - click on any candidate's highlighted name - - has more on the false side of the ledger than the true.

*  You've had veteran candidate Tommy Thompson set his pants on fire the other day for repeating PolitiFact's 2010 Lie of the Year about the federal government takeover of health-care.

Yes, Tommy's PolitiFact record is 50-50 true/false, generally speaking, (as is Jeff Fitzgerald's PolitiFact score sheet, too), but Tommy isn't trending true; his only two fully true-rated scores date tothings he said in 2007.

It's been that kind of GOP primary.

Campaign newcomer and hedge fund manager Eric Hovde is inexperienced also with speaking factually. He has no PolitiFact finding with the word "true" among three statements vetted to date.

Though give credit where it's due: Hovde beat Mark Neumann to the use of the socialism slur - - Hovde's target was Democratic opponent Us Rep. Tammy Baldwin - - so you could say Neumann is following the party line with Hovde in charge of revisionism.

It's been that kind of GOP primary.

Here's Hovde's entire PolitiFact scorecard:

Since President Barack Obama took office, "you have 1,700 employees just at the Department of Transportation" earning over $170,000.

"The failed economic policies" of President Barack Obama, the Democrats and the Federal Reserve "are making gas prices higher while America’s economy is running on fumes."

Says Obama health reform law denies millions "access to affordable insurance."

 Oh - - the score sheet for Democratic candidate US Rep. Tammy Baldwin?

Two of three on the true side.


Anonymous said...

How much of a difference would there have been if Tom Barrett and the Dems had had some kind of detailed plan to deal with the state budget? As it was, they did not, and voters drew their own conclusions.

Jim Bouman said...

Since the red-staters are making a big thing of it, I'd like to weigh in on the issue of filthy socialists.

I am NOT a filthy socialist.

I'm proud to proclaim myself a democratic socialist(small"d").

I've checked out the President's positions and underlying political philosophy. He's not a Socialist.