Wednesday, June 20, 2012

When It Comes To Water And Development In Waukesha County, Picture This...

A reader sent these pictures yesterday:

The land is on the west side of Hwy 164/Townline Rd, which is actually 3.3 miles south of the Waukesha city limits at 59/East avenue.  It is also about 1.5 miles north of I-43 on 164/Townline Rd... this land [is] listed on both the north and south side of Townline Rd on the west side of Hwy 164 which would make the parcels both in the Town of Waukesha as well as a small portion in the Town of Vernon.

Thursday update: The realtor, Greg Cavaiani of Response Realtors, tells me the owner told him the property was annexed by the Village of Big Bend in 2011.

 Municipal water? Whose?  I'm checking. Here's the location...


Anonymous said...

So I called the realtors and apparently Big Bend will be providing water to this property. Big Bend apparently annexed it in for that purpose.


Anonymous said...

Big Bend does not provide these municipal services. Every home and business in Big Bend is served by a private well and septic.

The only place to get sewer/water to this location is Mukwonago/Muskego (7-8+ miles) or Waukesha (3 miles).

Also, Big Bend does not share a border with this land, so I am not sure how they would annex it?

Sounds like the realtor needs to get his facts straight, or perhaps is hiding something.