Wednesday, June 27, 2012

So If The Supreme Court Tosses The Insurance Mandate, Or More...

The GOP gets an ideological win - - Big Government Bad - -  but loses everyday people who have pre-existing medical conditions that could cost them or their dependents their health care coverage, solvency and lives, and people whose adult children are currently on the parents' plan until age 26, and people who might hit a lifetime coverage limit, and so on.

The GOP wins Tea Party devotees who hate anything with President Obama's name on it, plus one-percenters who run private health insurance companies.

Take your pick.

For the GOP's ideologues, a Supreme Court decision that unwinds or overturns the law is short-term win of sorts, and long-term loss for the GOP because dealing with health care coverage costs and gaps is now a GOP problem to fix.

If the mandate or substantial parts of the Affordable Care Act are upheld tomorrow, Obama can say his policies were validated.

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