Monday, June 25, 2012

File Under #It'sNotWorking For Wisconsin

While Walker was making nice in Illinois today, we discover his administration dropped the ball on central Wisconsin's behalf.

Sacramento beats out Fond du Lac for 500-2,000 jobs.

A major call center is opening in the Sacramento area next month, an economic development boost that could bring around 500 jobs by year's end.

The employer, Advanced Call Center Technologies LLC, said it could eventually hire up to 2,000 Sacramentans.

Today's announcement represents one of the biggest boosts to the beleaguered Sacramento job market since the start of the recession in 2007.

The company will open in the old Price Club warehouse on Watt Avenue, an 87,000 square foot facility north of Interstate 80, sometime in July.

The Sacramento location beat out four other cities being considered by Advanced - Kansas City, Kan.; Tallahassee, Fla.; Fond du Lac, Wis.; and Weldon Springs, Mo.

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Anonymous said...

We all know that Scottie began running for president the day he became governor, just as he began running for governor the day he became county exec. This is just so obvious -- the only possible explanation for his "making nice" in Illinois is that he covets its electoral votes. I would say fine, let him become president, it would get him the hell out of here. But then of course one must consider the consequences for the country. A Tea Party Reagan wannabe in the White House. To terrifying a prospect to contemplate. Does anyone doubt Scottie will be running for president in 2016 if Obama wins in November?

Reagan's Disciple said...

The real story is that Fon du Lac was in the running for the call center with Sacramento and Tallahassee.

If Doyle or Barrett were in office, Wisconsin would not even have been in the discussion for the jobs.

Anonymous said...

@Reagan's disciple
Fond du Lac is much nicer than Tallahasee or Sacramento. You might surprised it was considered, but we here in Wisconsin are not.


Nicer weather in Sacramento.