Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Regardless Of Recall Outcome, Progressive Policy Push Persists

Down, dusted off and definitely not out, fair-minded Wisconsinites are back doing the progressive work that needs to be done.

Milwaukee Ald. Bob Bauman wants to see evidence from Waukesha that effective public transportation for job access is available to Milwaukee residents before Waukesha negotiates about a water sale.

You either believe in equal opportunity, and regional actions, or you don't.

One Wisconsin Now is pushing for disclosure about the provision of legal services to Republican lawmakers who are trying to join litigation in favor of the Voter ID bill.

You either believe in open government, or you don't.

Milwaukee County Grounds activists will continue to force developers to keep their end of the bargain and preserve the remnants of lost prairie and buildings there.

You either believe in public space, or you don't.

Civil libertarians will continue to force federal regulators to keep their end of the bargain and guarantee transportation spending in our area that isn't discriminatory.

You either believe in justice, or you don't.

Walker's re-election may force changes in progressive messages, tactics, or leaders, but not in dedication to core beliefs.

You either believe in Wisconsin, or you don't.

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Anonymous said...

Farmers can't negotiate their pay. They have no health insurance or retirement.

Little wonder they feel they should not have to pay to provide any of the above to anyone else.

Sudden unannounced pay cuts can happen any time in private industry.