Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Talk Radio Fuels The Myth Of Voting Fraud

AM 620 WTMJ talker Charlie Sykes this morning has said another radio station - - I couldn't understand the call letters he mentioned  - - was contacted by someone on a bus full of union people from Michigan on his way to Wisconsin to vote.

Sykes has also said bad things happen during Milwaukee elections between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m., and that what happens during those same hours in Kenosha are not the sort of things you'd find in a civics book.

This is part of an intense righty talk radio effort to frighten and gin up its conservative base on election day: Sykes is now into his third straight hour of Walker get-out-the-vote PR.

More at Purple Wisconsin.


Anonymous said...

...and this is more despicable then sending letters on who voted in your neighborhood?
Why does it concern you that people are looking out for potential voter fraud?

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Meanwhile, a Heritage Foundation expert cannot actually cite any real cases of voter fraud.

Of course, other than the actual fraud performed by James O'Keefe.

But hey, when mr. "2 to 1 lies to facts" Walker is your banner-carrier, lying about voter fraud to win is small potatoes.

Unknown said...

I live in D.C. area and indeed a man called in to the Chris Plante radio show on 630 WMAL saying he is a truck driver from Detroit and he left from there early this morning driving his truck but accompanying 4 greyhound buses full of people who were going to WI to vote in the recall. The guy said he himself was going to vote for Scott Walker but that everyone else he supposed was voting for Barrett. Chris Plant played along with him, and the guy actually seemed to believe what he was saying. Chris tried to get the guy to give him a phone number ostensibly so he could keep in touch as the day went on, but the guy hung up during a commercial break. He said the others ont eh buses would kill him if they knew he was calling the conservative talk show. I do not think he meant literally, just figuratively. I called the US DOJ sine stories yesterday said they are monitoring the election in WI, and I called the voting division in WI and they did seem concerned and asked me to email teh head guy who is out making rounds at polling places. I did, and have not heard back.

RD said...

Voting fraud is certainly not a myth. Anyone who doesn't believe it happens is simply ignorant and uninformed.

James Rowen said...

To RD - - There is indeed election fraud: efforts in half the states by Jim Crow-inspired Republican conservatives to block legal voting with ID and registration restrictions.

To Sweet and Sauer: Anyone can call a radio station, or post anything on the Internet without verification or credibility, do I'd be careful about posting or republishing it.

I do appreciate your information about WMAL. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

RD, the Heritage Foundation is a very well funded organization. If voting fraud is more than a myth, they would be able to find actual cases of it.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

So this mythical truck driver is ALSO going to participate in vote fraud?

badgervan said...

Why can't the modern day republicans just play by the rules, and win or lose with honor? The only authentic voter fraud Wisconsin has seen in past elections has occured in Waukesha County, where the supervisor mysteriously came up with 1000 "lost" votes to keep our state Supreme Court Walker freindly.
I do hope that Attorney General Van Hollen, another Walker lieutenant, assigned some of those law enforcement folks he sent around the state to monitor voting places to stand over Kathy Nicklaus' shoulder in Waukesha County.... the only place where authentic, proven voter fraud has occured, not once, but twice!
Play fair and square, and give up the fictional crap you seem to think is perfectly legit, o.k., repubs?

Sue said...

So, where are the TMJ news trucks and the intrepid J-S reporters and photographers? Where are Charlie's legions of eagle-eyed listeners, looking out for a busload of people disembarking near a polling place and calling it in so Charlie and friends know exactly where this is going on? How hard can it be, now that Charlie has let everyone know that this threat is near, to find a bus with Michigan license plates full of union thugs hanging around a voting location?
Personally, I think it's probably a busload of Illinois tea partiers from last week who got lost on the way back home. Can't tell these foreign license plates apart, ya know.