Tuesday, February 2, 2021

One Florida man sees anti-Harley wish coming true

Another huge financial blow which Milwaukee's Harley-Davidson just acknowledged is probably putting a smile on the face of one otherwise troubled Florida man with Wisconsin enablers who had publicly bashed the company, as I noted in 2018.

Trump even called for a consumer boycott, yet apparently will also have Scott Walker as Team Trump's Wisconsin re-election chair.
So when you read today that Harley-Davidson's sales are dropping, don't forget who had made it his business to poke a stick in the company's spokes or sat by and watched:

Supine Scott Walker enables Trump's WI-trashing rage
Behaving less like a President and more like the score-settling investor loser in a proxy fight, Trump ramped up his attack on Milwaukee's iconic Harley-Davidson.

Riders from Pennsylvania roll away from a stop at the Harley-Davidson Museum in downtown Milwaukee. The corporate headquarters and engine works are a few miles away.

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