Monday, February 8, 2021

Johnson's deference to fringe makes Baldwin WI's lone true Senator

Ron Johnson has regularly chosen to serve his forever Dear Leader - a reflexive obeisance noted often on this blog - though Wisconsin taxpayers pay Johnson nearly $15,000 monthly for public service he's redefined as one-note deference to the nation's only twice-impeached-and-once-one-term defeated President.

Which means Johnson has chosen to substitute an unapologetic commitment to the dangerous, seditionist fringe for what should be his first, sworn obligation - upholding the Constitution through representation for Wisconsin citizens in the Congress.

That basic obligation should be the obvious, uncontested priority for any public official, especially during economic peril and a viral pandemic - yet you cannot spot that basic commitment in Johnson's high-profile public appearances where his partisan preoccupation with irrationalities is getting more frequent and downright scary. 


What else can you conclude after seeing Johnson on Fox Sunday suggest - without evidence and common sense - that US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was responsible for the murderous January 6th attempted coup and attack on the Capitol even though she was being hunted by a mob whose shock troops wanted to put a bullet in her head.

GOP senator attempts to blame Nancy Pelosi, not Trump, for the Capitol riot as impeachment trial looms

So let's face it: Wisconsin at the very time it needs complete representation in Washington is down to only one Senator now - Democrat Tammy Baldwin - because the other Senator seems to have brokered his soul and moral compass for a tax break, nothing more.

And unless Wisconsin voters say otherwise, Johnson could extend this damaging representational deficit and distortion into 2029 because he won't say if he'll keep his public pledge to step away after two terms. 

That history is here.

Though The Lincoln Project has already put Johnson notice that its effort to purge the Republican Party of extremist actors includes a pledge to hold Johnson accountable, and to his word.

So stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Johnson has never had an understanding or knowledge of history in any area of life. Unfortunately that includes Political history which is what should be guiding him, not the rantings of a totally unqualified former President who knows no rules or guidelines. While watching his latest interview, there as a commercial pause and what played next was a man suffering from Parkinsons. It said that the man who had one dog, began seeing two dogs and various other irregular things which frightened him and led him to seek medical help. Johnsons inability to be rational, making up stories, now believing it was Nancy Pelosi caused the January 6th riot is delusional and must be seen as such. None of it makes any sense and has to stop.

Man MKE said...

Chris Hayes of MSNBC noted how GOP senators in Trump Impeachment One argued he'd learned his lesson and, anyway, the people would decide his fate through the vote in 2016. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) warned that there was no guarantee Trump wouldn't again try to corrupt an election, which of course he did, starting a good year in advance. Now in Trump Impeachment 2 watch as Ron Johnson and his comrades argue it's too late to convict Trump in the Senate because, hey, he left office. Especially egregious has been how RoJo's pro-Trump argument has gone from "let voters decide" to "let's revoke those votes." The situational ethic is strong in this one.