Monday, February 15, 2021

Earlier Monday, Johnson again 'didn't seem' well. Or human.

He's had more than a few of these lately, but Johnson's 

latest unforced Senatorial-self-parody is a cry for help:

Ron Johnsonstated on February 15, 2021 in a radio interview: 

Says Jan. 6 Capitol riot “didn’t seem like an armed insurrection.”





Rick Horowitz said...

Which part didn't make an impression on you, Ron? The arms, or the insurrection?

Anonymous said...

So now we have the GQP game plan going forward. They will put extreme pressure on the new AG nominee and the FBI to go easy on anybody they charge. Saving them up for next time. Sort of like with Rittenhouse. Notice that right away the framing of his shooting his gun and killing people was that it was self defense. Of course the general media just accepts that framing without ever asking the question about appropriate level of response. You don't get to shoot to kill just because someone bangs your head with a skateboard. Or in the case of the first person he shot who, according to a witness, threw a baggie of something at Rittenhouse. But in right wing extremist circles and "both sides" media deadly force is for any threat whatsoever. Like the media could maybe ask some questions they're ignoring about Johnson and extremists. A small further note about the Rittenhouse case that once again the media seems silent about. Notice that in one picture during the night he is walking along a sidewalk with another guy with an assault rifle. Rittenhouse does not have his blue gloves on. Then at another point after the first shooting he is pictured with the gloves on. Why did he put them on? Did someone tell him to do so? If so then why? Was it color code for the supposed "militia" to identify each other? How much of this were the Kenosha cops aware of? Are the Proud Boys and other extremists just now showing up in the situation after he was bailed out or were they involved with Rittenhouse and the "militia" during the protests? Is there an element of white supremacist/militia support within the Kenosha city and county police departments? Lot's of questions that media both local and national don't seem to have time to ask since they have to alot at least 5 to 10 minutes each day on the Conway daughter and whether Melania is happy or unhappy.

Anonymous said...

Over at Daily Kos, Aldous J Pennyfarthing writes:

"If you want to catch Sen. Ron Johnson in a lie, just ask him a question. If you merely want to catch him, put a peanut in a box with a hole that’s big enough for him to slide his hand through but not big enough for him to remove his closed fist. When you finally show up three days later, he’ll be so desperate for your help he’ll grant you three wishes."

Anonymous said...

This is what Ron Johnson said about Kenosha "When you do little or nothing to stop rioting, you encourage anarchy." Be it armed insurrection, or plain and simple rioting, or insurrection how does Senator Johnson see Trump's actions or lack of actions after the storming of the capital? By not holding Trump responsible is Johnson himself, by his standards, encouraging anarchy?