Thursday, February 11, 2021

Ron Johnson's witless inhumanity is nothing new

We're only a few days from Insurrectionist 45's likely acquittal - again - by the Senate, with one of the safest "Nay" votes to be cast - again - by his reliable Wisconsin bellhop Ron Johnson.

In fact, Johnson on Wednesday after watching videotaped evidence told a CNN correspondent that there was no connection between the ex-President's words, and deeds, and what took place during the attack on the Capitol:

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson would not say to me that Trump is accountable for what happened on Jan. 6, instead pointing to the rioters, saying: “I hold those people responsible." He added: “Those aren’t the Trump supporters I know.”

And don't expect that an admission from a key mob organizer that she was awaiting marching orders from her 'Commander-in-Chief [sic]' to change the Senator's mind.

Since Johnson has excused the ex-President's lawlessness before. 

And so people hither and yon will again express shock that someone could be this repetitively shallow and unmoved by deaths and the murder of a police officer - even in the Senator's own workplace. 

I'm tempted to say, 'well, what did you expect from a Senator who minimized a possible 11 million American coronavirus deaths?

For the record, and in addition to that instantly disqualifying observation - and on top of earlier Johnson statements that food, housing and medical are privileges, not rights - let me excerpt from one blog post three more reminders about Johnson's superficiality, witlessness and inhumanity, including:

1. When a Fox News pundit served as Johnson's oracle: 

He said he decided on his eventual 2010 Tea Party run for the US Senate seat held by Democrat Russ Feingold because he was touched by a Fox News commentator's plea for a candidate

During a press conference announcing his candidacy, Johnson explained: “I was sitting at home watching Fox News and Dick Morris came on and said 'Hey, you know, Feingold is vulnerable. You know, if you're a rich guy from Wisconsin, step up to the plate.' I kind of looked at (my wife) Jane and said 'is he, like, talking to me?'”

2. When Johnson opposed extending the period in which abuse lawsuits could be brought when the victims were children:

Here is the video

3. When Johnson did not disclose to authorities that a female GOP staffer said she'd been abused by a GOP state legislator:

Senator Johnson had failed report to authorities a female staff member's complaint about being groped and assaulted by a GOP Wisconsin state legislator at a Republican fund-raising event - - a matter which became public after additional allegations led to the eventual arrest and conviction of the same GOP legislator.

All of which is reprised in this 2017 post. 
But I'm not trying to paint Johnson as some sort of empathy-free politician, because this recent headline on a Wisconsin Public Radio story shows he has a heart.
US Sen. Ron Johnson says he feels sorry for President Trump

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Can't wait to see RoJo shredded like so much Wisconsin cheese if he decides to run for reelection.