Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Vos's fake concern over 'political' actions flags after 24 hours

We took note Tuesday of WI State Assembly Speaker  

and easily-distracted Racine Republican Robin Vos's phony complaint about Governor Evers having introduced a 'political' budget.

Showing no concern about consistency, Vos today urged Evers to order flags in Wisconsin lowered to honor rightwing talk radio host Rush Limbaugh who died Wednesday.

Of course, Vos knows his latest, empty political stunt will not receive gubernatorial validation because it's an empty political stunt.

By the way, there's a lot of information available about when and why Wisconsin lowers its flags, and had Vos taken the time to read it he'd have seen his request didn't pass muster.


Ge Bayside said...

I believe we saw most of the flags that Rush valued flying at the Capitol on January 6th. History does not need to repeat itself at our Capitol upon his death.

Anonymous said...

To: Speaker Vos
From: Governor Evers