Tuesday, February 2, 2021

WI Republicans: Harsher COVID makes mask-wearing more important

Wisconsin GOP legislators still ignoring COVID-fighting science while spouting instead about dictators have time to save reputations lives - maybe even their own - by abandoning campaigns against Wisconsin's masking mandate and following through on the latest public health recommendation:

U.S. response to coronavirus variants emphasizes masks and vaccines instead of lockdowns

As America faces the potential for catastrophic coronavirus spikes fueled by highly infectious variants, public health authorities remain wary of imposing the stricter measures adopted by other nations. 
Instead, they continue to embrace a stick-to-the-basics strategy: Wear a mask, maybe even two. Avoid crowds. And get vaccinated — fast.
GOP Assembly Speaker, seen here in a 2019 photo, could bring forward soon the State Senate's measure that would end Gov. Evers' statewide emergency masking order. The WI GOP-led Legislature spent most of 2020 on vacation and has been opposing Evers' COVID19 prevention policies for months.


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