Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Senate Leader Schumer uses Ossoff to burn Ron Johnson

Remember when Jon Ossoff's Georgia Senate win helped give Dems the majority - and it cost our own Senator Embarrassment an investigative subcommittee chairmanship he could use to promote more fake COVID cures and hand out fresh subpoenas like Costco cookie samples? 

Johnson has two years left in his Senate term. His [Homeland Security] chairmanship was due to end this month no matter which party controlled the Senate because the GOP imposes a six-year term limit on committee chairs.  

He was expected to chair an important investigative subcommittee had the GOP held the Senate.  

Please note that the Big Wheel just turned and the ironies are delish.

Jon Ossoff to chair Senate subcommittee on investigations

“This Subcommittee will pursue the truth, inform the public, and hold power to account,” Ossoff said in a statement. “I look forward to working with Ranking Member Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and my Subcommittee colleagues to serve the American public.” 

Johnson hasn't yet achieved full 'Former Guy' status, but it's coming. 


Johnson on Meet the Press in 2019 before his recent demotion to Ranking Member status.


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