Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Johnson fake endorses Biden's calls for unity, healing

Ron Johnson has been having his fun with Pres. Biden's appeals for healing unity.

Here's how it works.

* Johnson said he opposed impeaching Insurrectionist 45 - and Johnson indeed voted Tuesday against holding the Senate's trial - because a trial would divide the country, and, hey, like Biden has said, unity is the goal, as Johnson notices.
"President Biden, in his inaugural address, talked about healing, talked about unifying this county. Is the impeachment trial of a former president, is that's very vindictive, it's very divisive, and we need to heal. We need to come together."

* So now that we know that Johnson is only following Biden's lead, will he be voting for Biden's COVID relief plan? C'mon, you know better:

Johnson also said he opposes President Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion "American Rescue Act"...I think it's very unwise."

So, unity, schmunity.  

By the way, there's a TV ad campaign urging people to  call Johnson's office on behalf of the plan. And surely Johnson would support Biden's bill, out of healing and unity, no?

Umm, lol, no, and don't expect anyone to answer the phone there.

* And while Johnson said he believes Presidents should get the Cabinet secretaries they want, Biden got one last unifying present from Johnson when the Senator presided over his farewell session as chair of the Homeland Security committee.

And while he lauded his committee's bipartisan traditions, and again channeled Biden on unity....

"I agree with President Biden, we need to heal, we need to unify...."

There was this this:

"Johnson and three other Republicans on the committee voted against Biden’s homeland security nominee, [Alejandro] Mayorkas, who served as deputy secretary of the department under President Barack Obama. 

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