Saturday, February 13, 2021

Ron Johnson cowered with the Senate Seditionist 43

Given his open discomfort being seated too close to a person of principle -

'Blame you': Johnson and Romney get heated after vote for impeachment witnesses

Voices were “definitely raised,” according to the report, with Sen. Ron Johnson pointing at Sen. Mitt Romney at one stage.

- Johnson's continuing embrace of the country's most dishonest and dangerous President - let's call it Johnson's Self-Evisceration 2.0 - was not a surprise because he's been Insurrectionist 45's lead cheerleader for years


But his cultish cowardice is important to memorialize because Johnson has yet to declare whether he intends to keep his 2016 public pledge to retire after two terms and declining to run for re-election in 2022.

And also for context when the next seditionist mob, invoking this nation-staining acquittal which Johnson so recklessly endorsed inflicts greater damage. 


Anonymous said...

This destructive, word clipping nincompoop must be voted out of office.

James Rowen said...

A good description. That word-clipping is bizarre for a public official who's often in front of microphones and audiences. His remarks are often intelligible.

Anonymous said...

Late yesterday, I captured a composite photo montage of all 43 traitors posted to the comments section of a blog post over at DailyKos. Our traitorous senator's pix was incorrectly captioned as Ron Johnson (R-TN). Would that it was so easy to get rid of him! Unfortunately, was unable to find my way back to it so cannot share a link.

Anonymous said...

Here's the photo. Spread it far and wide.

Anonymous said...

I always tell people that the context about the Appleton etc. area is important to understanding how someone so evil could appear on the scene. You must always remember that area has for a long time been the home of the John Birch Society. The influence there is very strong. I can remember back in the '70's that a large amount of the anti-Semitic and racist printed materials were also produced in that area. It's similar to people wondering how on earth the Kenosha cops/courts could be so chummy with Rittenhouse even after his deeds. People who aren't from here marvel at this treatment but they don't know the history of Kenosha corruption. Lifelong residents of southern Wisconsin know very well that Kenosha is way more similar to a suburb of Chicago than it is to the rest of southeastern Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

I find some humor in observing those of us who took his 2016 off-hand remark on not running for reelection as his "vow," "pledge," "obligation of honor," "word," "commitment," or some other set of words that warrant reliance. When has anything else come out of his mouth that is other than a brain fart?

wifather2000 said...

Ron Johnson IS Howdy Doody in the flesh.

Anonymous said...

What's that smell?

Oh, just Ronnie. Another brain fart.