Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Fresh Ron Johnson outrage is routine WI Republicanism gone national

Edited and updated from 2/22/21:

America got another creepy look at Wisconsin's senior GOP Senator Ron Johnson Tuesday -

- as he extended his running lie that there hadn't been an armed attack on the US Capitol.

Wednesday update - Assuming Johnson reads little fact-based journalism, someone on his staff might show him this stunning NY Times story
Retired N.Y.P.D. Officer Who Guarded City Hall Charged in Capitol Riot

Thomas Webster turned himself in on charges that he assaulted a Washington police officer with a flagpole during the Jan. 6 attack on Congress.

A federal prosecutor said there were videos of Mr. Webster attacking the Washington officer, first with a metal flagpole that earlier had flown a Marine Corps flag, and then with his bare hands.

He performed this preposterous stupidity on national television by reading into  a Senate hearing record the purported first-hand account of a jovial, pro-police, family-oriented party that some evil provocateurs at the Capitol chose to ruin.

Two things about what Johnson had to say:

1. While people in 49 states and worldwide will be shocked by the 'thinking' of a two-term US Senator, Wisconsinites will not be even mildly surprised because we have seen this blend of Trumpian water-carrying and flat-out wackiness from Johnson before: 

If you're trying to figure out why Ron Johnson would blame the catastrophic, ideological mismanagement of the Texas power grid on a Green New Deal before any such plan has been adopted, you might recall that he's been throwing shade at the skies and sun for years, though not yet measured in eons of time:

Sunspots are behind climate change, Johnson says 

In fact days before Johnson's bizarre and dangerous testimony Tuesday, the middle-of-the-road Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had editorially said Johnson needed to go: 

It's obvious now that he won’t do the honorable thing and resign after violating his oath to support and defend the Constitution. By what he has shown of his character, there is no reason to believe he will keep his campaign promise to not run for a third term when this one expires.

If he runs again, Johnson must be opposed in both the primary and general elections by people who care enough about democracy to support and defend it.

2. And while people in 49 states and worldwide may be shocked at what comes out of the mouth of a two-term Senator, Wisconsinites know he is no anomaly.

Ron Johnson is central to what remains of mainstream GOP thinking and behavior from other Wisconsin Republican leaders who have for years dragged the corpse of the party as far from common sense, common decency and the dying party's Ripon, Wisconsin founding.

After all, contemporary, far-rightwing Wisconsin GOP leaders allied with Johnson have said on the record that:

* A war on men that lets unmarried "gals" having babies grab $38,000 per child a year (and $44,000 per child in Milwaukee) at the expense of white workers, families and business owners is the danger from within that will destroy America.

* It was "incredibly safe" to go outside as the COVID19 pandemic was raging.

* The minimum wage shall remain frozen at $7.25/hour and called it a livable wage.

* Lazy men (you know who they are) in "inner cities" are responsible for urban decay and their own plight.

* Poor people needed multiple cuts in food and financial aid or else they'd stay home playing video games on their sofas

* Same-sex marriage would lead to people marrying their pet dogs and furniture

* Low-income women should stop buying their kids "name brand shoes" and get busy washing their dishes.

* "Hard-core left wingers" were promoting Kwanzaa, a 'fake holiday,' to divide the races.

* It was justifiable to try and overturn certified tallies in the 2020 Presidential election - even after all court challenges to those results across the country had been dismissed by neutral judges, yet voted to overturn those results after the terrorist attack on the Capitol.

Which led to five deaths (seven if you count two additional police officer suicides in the wake of the attack) and 140 injuries to police officers in a failed effort to invalidate the certified results.

The same attack which Ron Johnson, the highest-ranking WI GOP elected official, has been fictionalizing to solidify his leadership position in the Wisconsin Republican Party.

A party whose leaders back Johnson 100%.


Unknown said...

Wasn't he a Charlie Sykes and Scot Walker's boy? That would explain a lot.

Unknown said...

he's a very sick minded person. lining his pockets and oh so proud of it. Thinks of only him. he needs to go

Peter Felknor said...

Actually, he needs to be in prison. For a long, long time. I vote for Columbia, since he's a Wisconsin boy.