Friday, February 26, 2021

WI wolf kill quotas became goals. How convenient.

In the rushed run-up to the gray wolf slaughter 

Wisconsin is killing its wolves

greenlit by a Jefferson County judge in an unappealable ruling, the state's official plan included quotas

During the Natural Resources Board Special Meeting on Feb. 15, the board unanimously voted for a harvest quota of 200 wolves outside reservation lands. Of the approved quota, 119 wolves are allocated to the state, and 81 wolves are allocated to the Ojibwe Tribes in response to the Tribes’ declaration and in accordance with their treaty rights within the Ceded Territory.

The department's approved quota considered 2020 wolf population data, population response to previous harvest seasons, scientific literature, and population model projections. The quota's objective is to allow for a sustainable harvest that neither increases nor decreases the state's wolf population.

I see the word four times in those two summary paragraphs from the DNR website. 

But now we read that the quota system - which connotes fixed quantities that can and should be enforced if the authorities care to do it - was more of a 'goal.' 

So, what - oops? Our bad? 

Heck. no - the quotas were allowed to grow - more than 80% to 216 - and morph into goals. Oh, how shocking!

Was that something we wanted to have happen? Absolutely not.' Gray wolf kill rises to 216, 82% above state-licensed goal

File that tactic away should you get pulled over by a state trooper for going far in excess of 100 per hour on I-94 where official signage says the speed limit is 70. 

"Yes, officer, I know the posted limit is 70, but isn't that considered more of a goal?'' 

And who thinks it's a pure coincidence that a way was found to allow more wolves to be killed than the Ojibwe had protected - bonus quota, if you will? 

Remember that the fast-tracked killing plan knowingly short-circuited consultations with Wisconsin's native bands whose hunting and fishing treaty rights were affirmed by through the Voight Federal Court ruling.

This state-sanctioned devaluation of native people's rights and shoulder-shrug of wildlife stewardship as the DNR's wolf-killing quotas were dying with the wolves in the woods - just as the 'quotas' did in all recent, state-sanctioned wolf seasons  - looks like it will guide 'management' of future 'harvests' of this portion of Wisconsin's wildlife trust -  allotted through special interest pressure for $49 bucks a shot to hounders newly-enabled to run dog packs through wolf dens at night during the breeding season:

"We have a robust, resilient wolf population," said Keith Warnke, DNR administrator of parks, land and wildlife. "I think we are very confident we will be able to manage (wolves) properly going forward."


Yo said...

Breaks my heart!!! The tribes asserted their treaty rights and protected at least 100 of them.

But the DNR mismanaged and let another 100 to be taken ILLEGALLY!!! “This season trampled over tribes’ treaty rights, the Wisconsin public, and professional wildlife stewardship,” a spokesperson for the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission told The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Megan Nicholson, director of the Wisconsin chapter of the Humane Society of the United States, called the killing spree a “deeply sad and shameful week for Wisconsin.”

leo said...

What is always forgotten in the discussions of "quota" by DNR and other wildilfe government agencies is these are lives - not just numbers they are talking about. Wolves have families. They are no different than humans. Stop talking about them as if they are inanimate objects.

James Rowen said...

Agreed w/ leo 100%. Your message is important. Thank you for the comment.