Thursday, July 23, 2020

WI GOP's wingnut caucus about to get bigger

I see Trump lieutenants Ron Johnson, Tom Tiffany and Glenn Grothman 

Grothman was coughing up a storm at the rather mask-free recent GOP state convention

are making headlines with throwback Jim Crow embraces:
2 Wisconsin Republicans vote against removing Confederate statues from Capitol while Ron Johnson blocks Juneteenth holiday
And imagine how bad Wisconsin is going to look when Scott ('No-Masks') Fitzgerald likely joins the wingnut caucus come next January. Notice how precisely Fitzgerald has his eye on the big picture when it comes to masks and pandemic death prevention:
 Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald have both spoken out against a statewide mask requirement. Fitzgerald has also insisted that employees of the Senate do not need to wear masks when at work in the Capitol. 
“I won’t be pushed around by Dane County or the Evers Administration — we control the Senate wing," Fitzgerald said this month when mask mandates for Dane County and state workers took effect. 
"Senators should be able to decide what they do in their own offices.”

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Anonymous said...

I am convinced that some of the most idiotic fools somehow get voted into Congress. Tiffany is just flat out stupid. Grothman has about two brain cells. Fitzgerald sure sounds like he fits the mold. They also have no moral compass. I guess this is what the money wants. Someone they can steer wherever they want and too stupid to be their own person. Take Rep Yoho for example. First he is a jackass for saying what he said. Second, he is way to stupid to not say it in front of a reporter. Third, he lies about saying it. Fourth, he is to much of a coward to actually apologize. Fifth he has to read his fake apology. Sixth, he does not have the courage to make an apology that doesn't sound like a five year old child. A man with a brain and a heart would have made that phone call as soon as the words dropped from his butt connected to his face. Don't laugh Wisconsin, ours' are worse. A guy who was a successful business man, even though he rarely paid taxes. A guy that finally got out of his parents' basement because women have been taking away jobs. A guy who supported a multibillion dollar giveaway which was written on a napkin.What a freak show we have here.