Wednesday, July 22, 2020

WI man on extended taxpayer-paid break accuses jobless of conniving greed

WI GOP Assembly Speaker and career public trough overeater Robin Vos 

gaveled the GOP-run State Assembly out of session months ago.

And while he still draws a nice taxpayer-supplied salary, cushy benefits including per diem reimbursements at rising levels he sets for the chamber, Vos is sitting on bills designed to help Wisconsinites who are out of work because of COVID-19 - whose spread he enables - and slams them with a nasty, demeaning, baseless, mean-spirited, fact-free insult which no public official with a moral center should ever utter:
Democrats,” Vos claimed, “simply want to make it easier to stay on unemployment and cheat the system.”


Katrina said...

So on the one hand, people who are getting unemployment are cheating the system while on the other Evers isn't providing unemployment fast enough to the unemployed.

James Rowen said...

Thank you. That is such a good point. JR

peregrine said...

I love your turn of phrase Jim. "career public trough overeater". Totally true. He and his ilk see nothing of the irony in the fact that they continue to draw salary and benefits on our collective dime while doing nothing, but call those truly in need of help shirkers, lazy, welfare cheats, etc., etc.

joerossm said...

So it's safe to assume that no one is collecting unemployment in the 63rd Assembly District. Vos can insult people collecting unemployment because everybody in Rochester, Union Grove, Dover, Yorkville, Burlington, portions of the Town of Burlington, portions of Mount Pleasant, or portions of Sturtevant has a job. Good for them.

Anonymous said...

But Vos got a ton of money for his popcorn business. What a turd.