Thursday, July 9, 2020

WI Supreme Court sends progressives an electoral assignment through November

It is not a surprise that the right-wing 5-2 majority on the WI Supreme Court upheld nearly all aspects of the Walkerites's unprecedented lame-duck power grab that elevated already-embedded GOP legislative leaders 

weakened Gov. Evers and AG Kaul even before they took office.

By doing so, the Court's majority also defined the stakes and etched the template for the November legislative elections, too:

The more seats which the GOP controls on top of their already-consequential gerrymander, the more donor-serving, corporately-obeisant and anti-democratic laws it can pass. 

If the GOP nets three more seats in both legislative chambers, the party of Trump is handed a two-chamber veto-proof majority it will use to turn the state into a GOP subsidiary.

Note I did not say 'can use.' 

I said 'Will use' - straight through another census-triggered redistricting/gerrymandering to expand to a generation the GOP's decade of ultra-partisan, environment-bludgeoning and intentional dilution of minority and voting rights. 

And remember, the existing gerrymander was hatched in secret - and was the surprise rollout of the lame-duck laws and Act 10 - - the GOP's preferred anti-democratic, transparency-defeating methodology.

So I'd pay less attention to the decision released Thursday, and more to the messages it sends about the import of the November statewide election - something of a common-sense blueprint for progressives posted for months on this blog.

In 2020 balloting, take every opportunity to cast a Trump protest vote 
Given Trump's even more blatant bulldozing of the Constitution, common sense and the law, it's important for Wisconsinites in 2020 to cast protest votes where possible that reject Trumpism while also backing high-quality progressive alternatives on the ballot.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to leave this god forsaken backwater of a state that I was born in. I will not miss a single blade of grass.

Anonymous said...

Fight or Flee even with the fix in. I keep waiting, and waiting for Labor, or Fair Maps, or any other group to primary Wisconsin Republicans since in these manipulated districts that is where the action is, and it does not take that many votes to win. Good Ideas, fairness, and common sense should be what matters, but here in Wisconsin, not so much. We keep fighting the same battles, in the same ways and expect different outcomes. Just sucking time, energy and money; sure some gains or delays, but chasing the shinny object leaves us chasing our tails.
Should any Wisconsin Supreme Court decision be a surprise?