Friday, July 24, 2020

Some WI GOP 'leaders' disrespect Civil War's righteousness

They like to claim that they are still the party of Lincoln, but some high-profile Wisconsin Republicans are light years away from any meaningful connection to the President who saved the Republic and was assassinated for his hard-won achievement by a Confederate sympathizer.

As I wrote last month of these cartoonish, nauseatingly non-Lincolnesque nobodies:
They want Lincoln's mantle without the character to claim it.
Now, more examples:

* Ron Johnson - Wisconsin's worst US Senator since Joe McCarthy - is blocking with a malevolent misuse of Senatorial power a proposed Federal holiday on Juneteenth designed to offer a long-overdue public measure of correction and respect for African-Americans in America, and in Wisconsin whom Johnson obviously does not consider constituents worthy of his time and attention.

* And will Wisconsin veterans' organization or any relatives of the the state's Civil War casualties explain to the unspeakable ignoramuses otherwise known as Congressmen Tiffany and Grothman their indecent public embrace of treasonous Confederate generals or their supporters dishonors the sacrifice made for the nation's unity and in the fight to abolish slavery by more than 12,000 Badger State Civil War soldiers whose deaths the Confederacy and its troops had caused, records show?
...3,802 were killed in action or died of wounds, and the number of deaths from all other causes 8,499. Total deaths, 12,301.
An image of Gettysburg:
Battlefield painting with soldiers. 

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Anonymous said...

Grothman says the kids need to go back to school. If the dunmbass would have pushed the cdc guidelines along with the other morons who make up the Wis GOP, it could have happened. There is no words to describe what kind of people they are. No kids under 20 have died he says, coming from a clown who has no kids. Also, don't expect this POS fools to know anything about history, they are too stupid.