Friday, July 31, 2020

WI GOP 'little dictators' have bigger partisan dreams

I'd been calling GOP legislative leaders Fitzgerald and Vos Wisconsin's "little dictators" for their lame-duck, self-aggrandizing sneak attack on incoming Democratic Gov. Tony Evers and AG Josh Kaul's traditional powers.

But now the GOP power grabbing couple has broadened their ultra-partisan gaze: 

Fitzgerald, campaigning for a Congressional seat, wants to bow out of the State Senate by blowing up Evers' modest mask order which aims to stem COVID-19's deadly toll - an order similar to those issued by more than 30 governors who seem less pestered by simpletons masquerading as public officials who are dangerously disinterested in fair play or public health.

Vos, meanwhile has shared his regrets at an ALEC-sponsored seminar over failing to grab even more authority when he had the chance from the Governor after the November gubernatorial election - contests which Evers and Kaul won fair and square at the expense of GOP Gov. Walker and AG Brad Schimel (now a judge, thanks to a Walker 'taking-care-of-their-own' lame-duck appointment).

Read all about Vos's big dreams deferred, here, complete with his sad whimpering about feeling oh-so-disrespected by the incoming Governor whose biggest sin is apparently not enjoying the Vos-Fitzgerald sucker-punch. 


Anonymous said...

I would like someone to answer two questions:
1. Are the little dics as they are called afraid that they may now be over ridden by the Wis SC?
2. Shouldn't we be concerned about the lawsuits if we live in a county where the idiot sheriffs say they will not enforce the law?

Katrina said...

Hell for Robin Vos will be him, in a room, with only a mirror for company.