Wednesday, July 29, 2020

WI, without mask rule, lands on CDC's coronavirus "red-zone" list

In science-dismissed Wisconsin we don't have a statewide mask rule designed to tamp down the spreading virus.

And while we are told that momentum is building (understatement) among Democrats for a statewide order, we also have the leader of the state's most-reliably GOP county saying a mask ordinance isn't needed because the local hospitals can handle the growing caseload - implying there's no need for pro-active virus prevention! 

Imagine being a hospital worker in Waukesha County, where your job is essential but your life and others' is not!

And we have at least two personal and public-safety-dismissing GOP Congressmen posting recent photos of themselves on Twitter hanging out mask-free with maskless supporters.

So you could also say that momentum is building to kill off science and commonsense along with the 900 or so Wisconsinites already buried by the virus.

But not to worry, Bucky, you're getting your due - in the form of a spot on the CDC's latest, official COVID-19 "red-zone" list, and trust me, it's not a shoutout to Green Bay's proficiency on the football field (though, sadly, The Green Bay area's COVID data makes a contribution).
Read the Latest Federal Report on States’ Response to the Virus 
Download the original document (pdf) 
The following report, dated July 26, was distributed to states by the Trump administration’s coronavirus task force.
(Here is the text about Wisconsin taken from the long report. There are additional reports and charts for all 50 states):

A PDF version of this document with embedded text is available at the link below

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Speaking of COVID...

I used to think RoJo was the dumbest senator in Congress. But I think Louie Gohmert has him beat. Of course, #2 always tries harder.