Friday, July 17, 2020

WI GOP 'leaders' parked COVID crisis at Evers' door

A quick Twitter check-in to see what WI's GOP elected leaders are doing to stem COVID-19, as they had earlier pledged (and then fled).

* The State GOP Convention last weekend would have been the perfect place for GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos to showcase his work, but, alas, the Speaker had to take a raincheck:

Wish I could join my friends at
convention but am on my way to a family wedding. First convention I've missed in decades. Excited to get to November and prove all of the angry left wrong!
10:51 AM · Jul 11, 2020

* GOP Senate Majority Leader and Congressional candidate Scott Fitzgerald did attend - and I have seen no reports that he addressed the crisis - but he took the found time to Tweet-display his contempt for mask-wearing, social distancing and discouraging large gatherings after ham-stringing Gov. Evers' efforts to restrain the pandemic's expanding threat to Wisconsin public health.
What a nice time with Lisa, Scottie, and Connor today at the Ashippun Firefighters Picnic, and for a good cause! All proceeds go to equipment and training.

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