Sunday, July 19, 2020

Trump unmasks a COVID-19 'certain freedom' endorsement

Trump says there'll be no masking-order from him because Americans deserve a certain freedom” of choice on the matter.

Not sure exactly what freedom and for whom long-time civil libertarian Trump has in mind.

Freedom of speech? Nah.
Trump Fires Impeachment Witnesses Gordon Sondland and Alexander Vindman in Post-Acquittal Purge
More freedom to take in polluted water and air? You're getting warmer.
What's more, [an environmental advocate] says the law was designed to give a voice to communities long hurt by pollution from highways, pipelines and chemical plants that are disproportionately located in their neighborhoods.
Ah, I get it now. It's the freedom to spread a virulent virus that has already killed 140,000 citizens Trump swore an oath to protect.

Here's the video.

Kind of a 'certain' reversal of that out-dated prohibition against shouting fire in a crowded theater. Except now Trumps says you and he have the freedom to light the match and walk away.

I think what's happened is that Trump has "Me and Bobby McGee" on his 45 record player and he's misheard Kris Kristofferson's famous lyric as "Freedom's just another word for everything's left to lose."
Memorial Day weekend crowds at Milwaukee's Bradford Beach were exercising 'a certain freedom' from common-sense COVID-19 controls. A subsequent city ordinance which went into effect last week mandates mask-wearing within six feet of other people. Early reports city-wide show more compliance indoors than outside.
Which is where we are and where Trump is taking us.

Anyone left in the White House to get the boss straightened out?

Because the pandemic death count on the CDC's website isn't one of his golf scorecards where a 7 can be made presto into a 2.

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It's the freedum to make Murrica great by excercising your freedum, so what if you are infecting others!