Friday, July 31, 2020

GOP 'leader' is now COVID-19's best WI friend

The facts and the science are clear.
The science is in: Masks save lives and can help us safely reopen our communities
But here's the thing: Masks won't make a big dent in new infections until the vast majority of us wear them.
"It takes 80-90 percent of the population to mask up in order to make any significant difference in slowing the spread of COVID-19," said  and engineering professor De Kai at Berkeley's International Computer Science Institute....
His research found that even when half the population regularly wears , the number of new infections continues to rise. You need nearly the whole community to wear masks for them to effectively slow the spread of the virus. 
But this horse farm owner, career politician and Congressional candidate pledged to back Donald Trump cares more about taking power from the Governor than saving lives in Wisconsin and the economy, too.

Other GOP elected officials in Wisconsin have also attacked Evers plan and want the Legislature to overturn it, come what may - and we know what's generally coming these days - hundreds of new COVID-19 cases, some of which are fatal.

Shameful isn't right word for Fitzgerald's partisanship. Reckless fits; dangerous is more accurate.

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Larelin said...

too gerrymandered.. :(