Friday, July 10, 2020

WI Sup. Ct. continues 2018 election nullification

The double-standard is a fresh way WI Republicans and their cudgels are keeping Walkerism alive across state government.

They can't outright cancel elections, but Republican legislators have a rightwing-run high court to keep alive the reactionary governance voters rejected in the Democrats' statewide office sweep in November, 2018.

This goes beyond snubbing special legislative session requests and pretending the Governor isn't part of the process.

Several weeks ago, the right-wing State Supreme Court majority hamstrung the executive's ability to put public health ahead of enabling a pandemic.

Then Thursday it OK'ed most of the GOP's partisan, post-2018 election power grabs, thereby extending Walkerite control of the Capitol despite his defeat, and also put restrictions on victorious Democratic AG Josh Kaul which had not applied to the ousted GOP AG Brad Schimmel.

It is not a surprise that the right-wing 5-2 majority on the WI Supreme Court upheld nearly all aspects of the Walkerites's unprecedented lame-duck power grab that elevated already-embedded GOP legislative leaders weakened Gov. Evers and AG Kaul even before they took office.

Today the right-wing justices slapped Evers'-only limitations on a Wisconsin Governor's veto authority: 
MADISON - A divided state Supreme Court scaled back Democratic Gov. Tony Evers' veto authority Friday, throwing out three changes he made to the state budget last year.  
The ruling, written by conservatives who control the court, is a setback for Evers and future governors. For decades, the high court has given Wisconsin governors broad authority to rewrite budgets and some other legislation using partial vetoes. 
These are big wins for the GOP and its wealthy donors whose encrusted conservative extremism is crumbling nationally. 

The Republicans’ next goals: suppressing Democratic voting sufficient to swing the state for Trump, and cutting Evers out of the upcoming legislative redistricting and extending the lopsided GOP gerrymander for another decade of one-party, favor-dispensing self-dealing.

Meanwhile, we await the GOP-dominated legislature’s approval of a new Wisconsin license plate slogan: 
"Elections don't matter here."

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