Saturday, July 18, 2020

WI GOP 'leaders' mostly silent on John Lewis's death

I scanned the Twitter feeds of Scott Fitzgerald, Scott Walker, and Robin Vos this morning and found none have a word to say about the life and death of Us Rep. John Lewis.

Saturday updates: The Journal Sentinel notes a statement from Grothman, and we had some words from Glenn Grothman that will remain timeless:
What’s in the bag? World’s best string cheese, 6th district’s own Baker cheese. Happy to greet VP
and share with him Wisconsin’s best!

Though not even a Tweeted word from Lewis's Capitol Hill colleague Glenn Grothman, a walking waste of a Congressional seat, who for the last five+ years has had an office a corridor or two away from Lewis's. 

And who could have walked in any day and simply said 'tell me your story,' and had the kind of sit down with Lewis about which most of us could have only dreamed.

However Grothman has explained how he gets insight into African-American lives - conducting in-person random surveys at airports. And he figured out how poor women with children make ends meet - taking government 'bribes' or marry a man with a full-time job.

You know: solid John Lewis stuff.

And how could these Republicans even type out for Twitter a few respectful words, having used political muscle and state power for nearly a decade - and continuing into last month - to weaken, block or overturn the principles and vision which Lewis nearly died for: unfettered voting rights.
Court reinstates Wisconsin voting restrictions in victory for Republicans 
A new ruling limiting early voting in the state, among other measures, will probably suppress minority voters
Update - I do see a respectful statement from outgoing GOP Cong. Jim Sensenbrenner. And another by former House Speaker Paul Ryan, though when it came to policy, I remember when Ryan dissed Lewis (and the public) on gun safety and said African-American men who wouldn't work were responsible for central city poverty.

As Grothman had been saying
Fact-checkers ignore biggest Grothman lie: the poor are lazy
Call it basic WI GOP/Walkerite boilerplate.


Do you remember that to teach the poor a lesson about working harder, Walker inserted a line in his first budget in 2011 taking away $20 a month from family assistance to make sure the poor got the message.

He may not have finished his degree at Marquette University, but the man is a teacher.
The Walker budget narrative explains without a whiff of paternalism how the Teacher-In-Chief wants to make Wisconsin's poor in the W-2 program grasp the complicated but important relationship between motivation, personal responsibility, job success - - and fasting.
Walker knows you don't want to get out in the job market with a full belly. You gotta be a little hungry for work - - well, actually maybe really hungry - - to sniff it out and land that job.
And the one-step Walker life lesson only costs $20!
It's right there in the budget, on page 65, in the "Health and Human Services" section: 
"To further encourage W-2 recipients to recognize that the goal of W-2 is for participants to secure unsubsidized employment, reduce the monthly benefit check by $20." 

Anyway, the silent Republicans who can't find real words in their hearts about Lewis could at least do the bare minimum and retweet what Sensenbrenner or Ryan had to say.

Remember also that power-hungry, special-interest serving Wisconsin Republicans also regularly hacked away at social programs and economic justice which Lewis tried to bring to all Americans, like better health through full Medicaid expansion, mobility through fair and accessible transit, and even life-giving food aid.
The Wisconsin State Senate on Tuesday passed nine welfare reform bills along party lines—a package that also passed in the Assembly last week as part of Republican Governor Scott Walker’s special session on welfare reform. 
I appreciate Scot Ross for having summed it all up in a Tweet this morning:
For not one second should anyone here forget today Wisconsin Republicans, led by
and aided and abetted by its state legislators, used their power to attack the voting rights the late John Lewis gave his blood for.

Ross had previously been Executive Director at OneWisconsinNow where Johnson's words and deeds had been archived

I took note of this item there which would put Johnson 180-degrees from John Lewis's life work, but feel free to peruse the list and see if you can find anything on it which Lewis would have praised.

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