Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Media must force virus spread accountability on certain WI officials

Any editor in Wisconsin who will not assign reporters to seek comment from Scott Fitzgerald, Robin Vos and Chief Justice Patient Roggensack and accept a share of personal responsibility for this story and its life-and-death implications should immediately resign or be fired.
Wisconsin sets new single-day record for positive COVID-19 cases
Well, maybe quit or be fired is too harsh, but for God's sake, make the assignments, keep at it, and let the subjects comment, or decline. 

Let them fail to return messages. 

Put it all on the record, the front pages, the radio and TV news, and every news digest, aggregator site and podcast in the state.

Insincere, sloppy sloganeering like this from elected officials who were definitely not 'up to the task'foolishly forfeited their obligations to Wisconsin people who had sacrificed for weeks before the officials threw away the public's achievements:
Vos and Fitzgerald say Wisconsin is 'up to the task' after stay-at-home order blocked
We are told that elections have consequences, and Fitzgerald, Vos and Roggensack are indeed elected officials on the public payroll. 

The consequences of their actions are corrosive; the data doesn't lie and the trends are unmistakably serious, with school years about to begin.

These elected officials owe us some accountability, and providing that is the Wisconsin media obligation.

Wednesday a.m. update:
Here's a fresh measure of how exposed to COVID-19 the Vos/ Fitzgerald/Roggensack recklessly-driven clown car has left people in our state. Wisconsin has about 5.8 million people, New York State about 20 million. New York State on Monday reported 723 new COVID-19 cases, while Wisconsin tallied 868 or 20% more. Which trend line looks like it's the product of strong leadership and which looks like leaders abandoned their posts?

The First Amendment gives media that power, so get crackin'.
Right-wing WI Supreme Court Chief Justice Patience Roggensack wrote the 4-3 majority opinion sought by GOP legislative leaders Fitzgerald and Vos that shelved the state's Safer-at-Home order and continued to weaken Gov. Evers' executive powers.

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Jim Limbach said...

Those two and all their criminal minions deserve no less than jail sentences for homicidal negligence. They at least need to be tried on the charge. How many of the 30,000, mostly children, they with Walker kicked off Badgercare have suffered and or died for lack of care. They threw away millions in savings to the state coffers by refusing Medicaid expansion. I would qualify but instead I have to pay more this week for the crime of driving a hybrid vehicle. I have been as an unpaid volunteer driving between 10,000 & 20,000 miles/yr. so non drivers can make it to medical appointments. I wager I pay more in gas tax that either of those phony ''leaders''. Arrogant/Ignorant/Negligent says it all. Oh and I should add fawning lapdogs to WMC.