Thursday, July 30, 2020

Could WI Repubs empty newsboxes of their Trump-betraying evidence

You know there won't be anymore special tax breaks, dinner invites or tarmac elbow-bumps

for some WI GOP politicians if the Big Man sees this betrayal:
Wisconsin Republicans break with Trump over delaying November election
And there's a Wisconsin precedent allegedly set years ago by supporters of a future GOP Governor in a student-era campaign by backers who emptied campus newsboxes when a student government endorsement didn't go their way.
According to a story published in today’s Huffington Post, Walker engaged in some nasty last-minute campaigning in his 1988 bid for Marquette University student body president that caused the student newspaper’s editorial board to revoke an earlier endorsement. 
In that endorsement, the Marquette Tribune’s editorial board said they believed that both Walker and his opponent “would serve the student body well.”
For some reason, Walker and his followers read that endorsement as a slam.
In response, Walker’s campaign distributed a brochure that the Tribune’seditorial board called “nothing more than a blatant mudslinging spree.”
The board’s Feb. 24, 1988, “un-endorsement,” however, also noted reports that Walker’s “campaign personnel” had removed “armfuls of papers” from their campus racks and thrown them away.
“We are disappointed not because the papers contained our endorsements, but because it is a serious shame to see hours of work and thousands of dollars of advertising dollars deliberately made useless.”

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