Thursday, June 4, 2020

Trump operates above the law. Ron Johnson helped with that.

As Trump continues to throw the country into repeated and dangerous, pre-election constitutional crises, it's worth revisiting Ron Johnson's blanket blasé excuse-making that kept Trump from being removed after his impeachment. 
Johnson: Finding That Trump Broke Law Not Relevant In Impeachment Trial 
US Sen. Ron Johnson Says He Will Vote To Acquit Trump On Both Articles Of Impeachment
This is a United States Senator, on the record -  

- excusing law breaking by the President of the United States. Something Trump, as well as numerous campaign aides, staffers and Cabinet officials have made routine for nearly four years as they have been allowed to operate above the law.
Johnson and other ultra-rightists in the US Senate have traded golfing invitations, tax breaks and federal judgeship approvals handed to like-minded privileged authoritarians for once-routine democratic values, citizen protections and the public interest.

Johnson was among GOP Senators praising Trump's brutish tone prior to his attack on citizens in a park near the White House for the filming of campaign-style propaganda:
"So hopefully, you know, the president talking that way will put a little spine in some of these governors that aren’t calling out the National Guard, to the extent that they need to restore order,” said Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), chair of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.
Covid-19 is not the only epidemic which Trump, Johnson and other Republicans are letting run rampant in America.


Anonymous said...

Rojo the Clown, ignorant Donald Trump, pandemic, unemployed, students idle, shutdowns, gigantic Arctic oil spill in TrumpWorld where violence, theft and destruction thrives.

Anonymous said...

Kessler's jewelry on Junction was helping Condon jewelry on East Wash, and looters stuck Kessler's. Preplayed Video and Walmart Watts, it makes no difference to the thieves. They use distraction as a cover for the law. The lawbreakers thrive on their own destructive behavior. Breaking into Fontana is a crime just as the other store robberies are. But Chris Taylor can collect per diem while ignoring their illegal behavior. Prosecute the criminals to the fullest extent of the laws.