Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Tiffany's N. WI win is bad news for the region's land, water and future

Republicans held their safely-gerrymandered northern Wisconsin congressional seat in Tuesday's special election with GOP State Sen. Tom Tiffany's win.

His loyalty to out-of-state corporations -
State Sen. Tom Tiffany, (R-Hazelhurst) is aiming to wipe out local jurisdictions' controls over mining-related dynamiting, road use, air and water regulation so GTAC mining is freer to engage in 35 years of mountain-top open pit iron mining up North is not the first time he has put the company's interests before everything and everyone else. The bill would also place similar restrictions on local controls over frac sand mining.
- and opposition to climate change science - he called the scientists' consensus conclusion "theoretical" that human behavior in large part causes climate change - all bode badly for the very Wisconsin region where the changing climate is bringing warmer temperatures that threaten valuable fish stocks.

And which also endanger crucial local resources which provide drinking water, nurture historic wild rice growing waterways and attract visitors, like Copper Falls State Park, which would have suffered decades of blasting, wetland ruination and deforestation if the open-pit mine which Tiffany worked hard - but unsuccessfully - or Walker's once-secret campaign funder to dig nearby for miles - had won approval.
As well as impacts to forests, according to many scientists like those whom Tiffany got Walker to dismiss from or reassign at the WI DNR:
Forest ecosystems across the Northwoods will face direct and indirect impacts from a changing climate over the 21st century. This assessment evaluates the vulnerability of forest ecosystems in the Laurentian Mixed Forest Province of northern Wisconsin and western Upper Michigan under a range of future climates. Information on current forest conditions, observed climate trends, projected climate changes, and impacts to forest ecosystems was considered in order to assess vulnerability to climate change. Upland spruce-fir, lowland conifers, aspen-birch, lowland-riparian hardwoods, and red pine forests were determined to be the most vulnerable ecosystems. White pine and oak forests were perceived as less vulnerable to projected changes in climate. These projected changes in climate and the associated impacts and vulnerabilities will have important implications for economically valuable timber species, forest-dependent wildlife and plants, recreation, and long-term natural resource planning.


Anonymous said...

Democrats need to wake up. Tiffany was highly susceptible to getting beat. The Dem campaign was awful. They ran a no name candidate and put no effort in. Before the Covid shutdown, she had zero town halls listed on her calendar. Tiffany had his first issue listed on his website that "he would support Trump", with the next one being he would "get rid of the deficit". Any decent campaign would have destroyed the idiot using those two polar opposite stances. I am getting disillusioned with the Democratic Party as they keep allowing these buffoons to say and do whatever they want because the Dems have been chicken shit. On the bright side, he is no longer in office up here.

Anonymous said...

Toxic Tom Tiffany's politics means nothern Wisconsin could see more heavily-armed and camouflaged mercenary goons from Arizona in the Northwoods.